5 October 2009

Cleopatra Worship Day

I promised Cleopatra that since I'd been away for most of the long weekend that today was worship her day. We started with a good half hour of brushing and patting. Followed by some steak strips for breakfast and then a walk outside. Then we decided Mum was annoying and sat out in the cat run for a few hours. Then once Mum was settled into working on a project for someone else that needed to be done today, "we" came inside and sat in the middle of the project. After sufficient attention I was able to get back to work. So she had a nice attention day and I got a cuddle that night as reward.

I had planned on tidying up all the mess I'd made getting ready for Spring War but that all sounded too hard, so spent the afternoon on the computer doing genealogy research.


That sounds wonderful! I ought to hold a "worship Sugar" day for my cat someday soon!