4 October 2009

Spring War Sunday

I woke up really late this morning and thought I'd stay home. Had a chat to Dad on the phone and finally got up around 10.30am. Then I decided that a day at home alone sounded pretty crap. The car was still packed, so all I needed to do was grab a new dress and head out. Before that though I finished making a book for Anton. I'd printed out a copy of "The Prince" and started make a 16th Century laced in binding for it. It was put on hold due to running out of time. So I took about half an hour to finish it off.

I got on site about lunch time. Gave the book to Anton, he liked it alot, which is good. A couple of other people commented so I think I will make some more.

Most of the rest of the day was spent hanging around and chatting. The weather was a bit better so we christened the skittles. They were fun.

Left site in daylight and this time nearly ran into about half a dozen kangaroos! At least these ones checked the road before crossing.