3 October 2009

Spring War

I packed up most of the stuff last night. I had the car packed in about 5 mins. Travelling light this year!

I headed out at 7.30am on the dot as planned. Filled up with petrol and headed out. Stopped at Maccas for breakfast and kept going. Very easy run. Only problem was within sight of the gate to the property where Spring War is held. Bloody great Grey Kangaroo came bounding across the road and scared the you know what out of me. It would have been a dead heat of who would win if I'd hit him.

Got on site just after breakfast, in time to set up for Market Day. It was great this year. As well as the usual locals we also had Alex the Potter, the Hornmaster, Asa and Contarina and some nice brass jewellery. All a first for Spring War (except for Asa and Contarina). I didn't spend all my money in one go, I was good.

I only sold three books, but I suppose that means I don't have to make as many for Festival! I handed out a few business cards so I might have some more sales a bit later on.

I did the Collegia in the afternoon. Had mostly young ones watching. I rushed through it a bit, so I will have to slow down a bit next time. But it meant everyone had time to do the make and take and for me to make a full long and chain stitch book during the hour.

After the collegia, the rest of the afternoon was just hanging around. We didn't get a chance to christen the skittles as it was raining too much. I was a bit late leaving the site so most of the drive home was in the dark and pouring rain, not fun.

All in all, a good time was had by me!