29 June 2012

My First Quilt

On one of the Quilting email lists I'm on (ReproFabricLovers) someone asked what quilt we currently have on our beds. As it happens, the very first quilt I ever made is currently gracing that position.

It's made from 3 small scraps of fabric I bought at a church fete. It is a medium twill/drill fabric, as is the white.I made it using diamonds, the coloured fabric made into stars (using six diamonds) and the gaps filled with hegagons (made using 3 diamonds and y-seams). It was filled with thick poly batting and hand quilted. Bound using pink twill. All hand pieced and hand quilted. So I made it about as hard for myself as possible. But it was made using scraps of fabric and what I could get for free. So proud in the tradition of quilting!

But even after a hard life (always machine washed and tumble dryed), it is still going. The batting has completely flattened and I noticed last week that some of the binding is starting to fray. I will have to rebind at some stage. But I still love it and it's got many good years left in it.

BTW, the white fluffy bed doll is Hattie!!

BBTW, I am currently re-organising my quilting space, so no new sewing to report. But I hope to have it sorted out this weekend.


Hi. Your quilt is amazing! It still looks very beautiful. I wonder why it is, that when we first start making quilts, that we are not so intimidated by the harder patterns.I know that I thought that I could make anything. But now, there is no way I would even try some of them. I don't even think that I would try to make the one you made.LOL. Have a great day.

This quilt is *beautiful* - so soft and understated - and Hattie seems to like it too! Definitely worth fixing the binding when you are ready. Sort your room first - thanks for sharing, cheers