12 July 2012

Stash Reorganisation

I have only recently in the last couple of months really gotten back into quilting. So all my fabric was stored in plastic tubs. Not impossible to get at, but not easy either. I've had three of the below sitting in my kitchen taking up space while I worked on projects. It was annoying as I had to lift them off one another to get to the ones underneath! Also, they were taking up alot of room in my kitchen (only place with enough space to put them in).

I've been keeping an eye out for a system I liked the look of. The one I liked most was just using CD towers. The size is perfect for fat quarters and they are pretty cheap. I wasn't able to get the ones I liked best but the ones I ended up getting were perfect anyway. They were only $30 each and only took about 10 mins each to put together. The other advantage of the CD tower is that the are both the correct width and depth for a FQ, so they don't stick out too far into the hall like a book case would.

I am hoping that having it easily accessible and all in on spot will increase my productivity.

The first four towers are by colour, with a couple of complete collections together (hand dyed set etc). And the final tower is all my 1930's Repro fabrics. 


A neat idea--it kind of looks like modern art, with all those different pieces sorted by color!