16 August 2012

Craft Show Plan and Quilt Ideas

Granny Blocks 2 and 3
So starting tomorrow there is a big craft show starting in my town. It goes for three days and is the biggest craft event of the year. Since I hit the Sydney show in a big way this year, I don't have much on my shopping list. Most of what I am looking for is based on specific projects I want to do. So here they are:

Deco Japanese Cross and Plus 

I found this pattern via Pinterest, but you can see the work in progress picture that caught my eye on the Periwinkle Quilting and Beyond page. I like the subtleness of both the fabric and the pattern. It's been sitting there for a while but no idea what fabrics to use. The other week, doing my fortnightly check of Patchwork Products I found a great Fat Quarter bundle of Gatsby fabric. I've been thinking about how to use this and thought about the Japanese Cross and Plus. I think the geometric nature of both the fabrics and the design will work well.

  • Find Dark fabric for crosses. Should have a deco or geometric feel with minimal or tone on tone pattern.

Country/Autumn Flannels

Again in my effort to use what I already have, I had a bundle of Fat Eighths of Flannels that I had picked up somewhere along the way. They are quite plain, tone on tones with about 5 fabrics each of green, purple, red, yellow, orange and creams. Again, I had to find a pattern I could use them with. As there a number of issues to keep in mind when sewing with flannel, I decided on a simple, traditional pattern for them. As I was roaming around the web, I found a great video tutorial for a Quarter Log Cabin block.

2501: Quarter Log Cabin Quilt from Quilt in a Day on Vimeo.

It's a really simple and fast technique that gives you a huge variety of setting options.

  •   Find cream/tan flannels for the light section of the Quarter Log Cabin Block

Yarn Dyed Japanese Fabric

I've recently discovered these fabrics. I love the subtle colours and gentle texture of them. I bought a few FQ's at the Sydney Show,  but I need a few more to be able to make anything of a useful size. I know that the company I bought from previously will be at this show, and hopefully a few more places will have some as well. No specific project in mind for these ones, though I did see a great mini-Granny square quilt made from them.

  • Japanese Yarn Dyed Fabric


Hi Michelle, I love your 'granny blocks' - I also saw the Great Granny Quilt Along, but decided I have too many other things I need to do.

Thanks, Joy!! I'm enjoying these blocks, they come together so quickly and look great. And they suit all sorts of fabrics.