22 August 2012

Newcastle Craft Show

So the big annual craft show was on last weekend. I had hoped to go on Friday but there was no way I was getting a day off work! So Saturday it was. It was blowing a gale, I actually had a head wind walking in from the car park.

There was a good variety of stalls across lots of crafts. I had a short list of things I really wanted to get hold of and I managed to get most of them.

Below are some of the fabrics I picked up. I got some more shirting fabrics to work on a 1800's Repro inspired quilt. Also, some Fat Quarter brights to match a Fat Eights pack I got at the Sydney show. The Eighths packs are great, but they don't go very far! I also found a few fabrics I hope with work with the Gatby fabric I have. I am confident on a couple, but will need to test the other two. And finally, got 5 flannel FQ's, to got with the Fat 1/8's pack I already had. I was hoping to get some more but flannels are just so hard to get here, which is understandable as we just don't get that cold.

And I got some really great tools as well. A bit more of a money investment, but they should save me heaps of time, so they will pay for themselves in the long time they will last.

I've toyed with getting the Gypsy Gripper for a while, boy is it worth every cent I paid for it. Even as someone who doesn't have any hand strength problems, it really helped my cutting when I tried it. It may have in fact contributed to me getting a bit carried away cutting up my shirting fabric. I have WAY too much for the project in mind. But I'm sure I will come up with a use for it.

I have also decided to join the Hexagon revival but don't want to use bought templates or sit and cut them out myself! So a couple of hexagon dies for my Sizzix machine. They are scaled so I can use the smaller one for paper, larger for fabric or just use both for cutting templates. And finally, a small, rotating cutting mat. This one will be used for squaring up smaller projects. This one has two solid bases. Other rotating mats just have the swival in the centre and they are uneven and don't turn easily. This one works great.


Some great materials there. I love my rotating mat - use it all the time. I also believe in purchasing good quality tools, they make life easier and some I have had since I first started quilting.

Yep, sometimes we can get carried away with the "tools" but sometimes they do just save sooo much time.