19 November 2012

Japanese Cross and Plus Test Block

I saw this block on Pinterest a while back and loved the look of it, both the pattern and the colours. At the same time, I bought a FQ bundle of Gatsby fabric. I wanted to use the fabric for something that would reflect the Art Deco nature of the designs. I went through a few ideas and then saw this block.

This is the test block I did, using some of the fabrics and a light khaki plain I bought from Spotlight. The plan is to do the Plus in dark colours and use the mediums for the Cross and the khaki for the background. Still deciding on how to set - either with or without sashing.

Now there was one small problem - I only had half a metre of the plain fabric. I thought I'd have no problem picking up some more, I should've known better!! I will keep trying to find it or I will have to come up with another solution, possibly start again with a different background fabric. I had intended originally to go with a beige or light tan, but the green worked OK as well. So I have options.

The image below shows the corner blocks and some little, teeny HST I made with the off cuts. Normally, I wouldn't keep off cuts so small, but since they were already together and there are going to be heaps of them, I figured I'd sew the together and see what happens.
So here are some of the ideas I played with. Once I have made the blocks for the whole quilt, I should have enough HST to make a few mini-quilts.