13 August 2013

Field Greens Progress

I am trying to be good about not starting new projects until I clear up my pile of WIP's. But I couldn't help but do some work on my Field Greens quilt. I had already cut up the strips into the 6" pieces needed. I then did a bit of mini-marathon and sewed on the 2.5" corner triangles. Then the boring job of trimming them all off. I know that some people find this method a bit wasteful, but it really is more accurate than working with cut triangles and sewing on the bias line. Also, since I had so many off cuts, I've kept them and added them to my mini-quilt stash for future use. Here is the pile of finished strips.

And here they are trimmed with the large pile of HST cut offs.

The small HST will become my headers/enders for my next project.