31 August 2013

Field Greens Quilted and Ready for Binding

I managed to get Field Greens quilted over the last couple of days. It was actually probably a bit easier than quilting with cotton batting. I quilted it at about 3" as there is a bit more movement with the woven blanket than you'd get with standard batting which is more like a felt. Also, the wool will be quite heavy when wet so I figured the closer quilting would distribute the weight over more of the stitching, reducing the chances of tearing or pulling seams.

There were a couple of issues with the blanket batting moving while it was being quilted. Because the blanket is woven it moves more than the batting. So I ended up with a couple of small puckers.

I decided to go with black binding as I think it really frames the design. I was thinking of using the backing fabric was binding as well, but it just didn't work as well. In addition, the black was already made up! And I had just enough. You can see the left overs below. Not just to hand stitch the binding - my favourite part!!