2 September 2013

Repro Log Cabin Progress

On Saturday I decided the jobs I had planned weren't that important, so I stayed home and worked on my Repro Log Cabin quilt. I was able to lay the blocks out ready to be pinned together. I only pinned to keep them in the right order.

Here you can see Miss Cleo assisting with the layout.

I got this far and then was totally exhausted, so I layed down for a while as I had to go out in the evening. I figured best to stop and wait until I had a clear head. Sleepy head equals quilty mistakes!!

I'm glad I did. As I was waiting to go out, I checked my Log Cabin board on Pinterest and found a layout I liked better. It still has the star in the middle but rather than just continue the radiating lines (which I wasn't super happy with as they don't quite work on a quilt with this few rounds), I found one with a corner treatment I preferred much better. Almost like Geese in Flight. Here are some of the other layouts I considered.
Only problem is, once the rows were sewn together, I was one block short!! (Top right corner). At one stage, I was two blocks short but I found one. So I need to make one more block. It won't be an issue as I have heaps of strips left. It shouldn't take more than half an hour to cut, sew and iron. Anyway, I got all the other rows sewn and the top one is done bar the missing block. So just need to iron the rows and sew together and the top will be done. Not sure whether to do cotton batting or make another one with a wool blanket. Thoughts?