3 September 2013

Field Greens Quilt Finished

Yay, another finish while I was on break. I did want to do more but I am happy with two quilt finishes.

I went a bit old school on this one. I've been spending a small fortune on batting. I usually buy cotton but I wanted something a bit warmer as I don't have any quilts with non-cotton batting, which is fine for the majority of the year, but in the middle of winter, doesn't really cut it. So I thought why not use some of the many wool blankets I own? I have them in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. So I thought for this one, I'd go with a very thin blanket.

Here is a picture of me trying to iron the finished top before basting the layers together. Cleo really wanted attention that day. She followed me around everywhere, which isn't like her at all.

I have a large number of blankets which I bought to make clothes with (re-enactment) but I haven't gotten around to it, so I thought why not? Many of them a not the nicest colours or have some marks on them. Also, even nice well used ones can be a bit scratchy. Not a problem when inside the layers of a quilt.

I did a simple grid quilting at 3" apart. I wanted to do quilt dense quilting as the blanket has alot more movement than normal quilt batting. It would also put more pressure on the stitching when wet, so the more quilting the better. I managed to get the quilting done in one day, with a couple of breaks. While the wool sewed fine, it was a bit of extra work as it is much heavier than either wool or cotton batting. The finished quilt is quite heavy for a 72" x 72" finished.

And here is the finished product in use. Miss Cleo really does love snuggling in finished quilts. I think she really likes this one cause it's green and cause it's super warm.