29 December 2013

End of Year

As my previous post said, I'm still alive and kicking. I didn't do much to blog about during the last couple of months. Well,  not craft related anyway.

Over the Christmas break I've managed to get some sewing done, but mainly lots of preparation for projects in 2014.

Starting from the top left corner, I've washed and squared up the layer cake I won at Guild. I'm thinking a plain on point lattice quilt for that. Next are a pile of HST made with my specialist Westalee rulers. These are mainly 6 1/2" squares for charity quilts. The little blue four patches are leader/enders which will sit there until I find a use for them! The Green and yellow strips will be a windmill quilt for Aussie Hero Quilts. The little green and yellow HST are the off cuts from the bigger strips, they just need to be trimmed to size. And the 1930's repro four patches are more leader and enders for the to be used pile.

The blue and white HST will be for my major project of 2014 - I will be doing a Block a Day. Each day will be a different block. I'm making a bunch of blue and white HST as the colours will mix and match easily and I've always wanted a blue and white. And lastly, the 4" Churn Dash blocks for my Guild swap.


That's a good start. What I need to do, but at present I am sorting and packing for a move in February. I guess when I start to unpack then I will plan for the year. In the meantime I have plenty of handsewing to keep me busy.