1 January 2014

Block-A-Day - Block 1 - Shoo Fly

I decided that this year I was going to make one block a day for 2014. I had planned on making one each of a set of half-square triangle blocks. But as they would use up 16 HST per block, I've decided to go with smaller blocks to start. I've decided to go with a blue and white colour scheme for two reasons. Firstly, I've always wanted a blue and white quilt. Secondly, it would bring the different patterned blocks together if they were only two colours.

So here is the first BAD block!


Hi! Hope your new year is getting off to a great start. I love your blocks. It really is a great idea to make a block a day. I hadn't thought of this. It will be so pretty when you finish.

Dear Joyce, thank for that! I just hope I can keep up with it!