17 February 2014

Green and Gold Star 2 - Quilt Finished

Well, it was a very big quilty weekend! It was Guild on Saturday and while I did take a hand sewing project, I literally didn't sit down for the entire meeting!! I ran around like a chook with my head cut off!! I did a mini-demo on using my Sizzix for cutting blocks, I was taking photos for the website, I was getting details of various swaps, giving out little bags of pre-cut blocks for people to sew up into blocks for Community Quilts (which went like hot cakes so I am doing way more for next meeting) and projects for the website and trying to follow a class that one of my friends was giving but which I didn't bring my machine along for cause I already had too much stuff to bring!!

Anyway, I didn't do any sewing once I got home that day but did manage on Sunday to get the second Green and Gold Star quilt top done!

I trimmed to side down to the right width and brought it to work with me to post at lunch time. I was re-checking the address and details and realised it was too long!! It's not a problem, the design can take being cut shorter but it means I need to take it home and will have to post it tomorrow. I showed this at Show and Tell at Guild and lots of ladies were keen to get the pattern off me.