27 May 2004

New Project - Split Stitch

I started a new project. Yes, I know, not a good idea when so close to finishing the scissors sheath. Well, I needed a break from that project. I think I should have done the goldwork first, cause now I think there is too much thread on the piece and the gold thread is going to shred being pulled through. If that happens, I may have to compromise and just couch down some gold instead of doing some sort of braid stitch.

The new project is a split stitch heraldic device. It will be part of the WCOB Company Banner. I did about 2 hrs last night before I got the warning signs of a visual migraine coming on. So I went straight in to lay down. I really had to get this project started as I've had it for ages and other people have already finished theirs!! It sholdn't take me too long. Then I have to do another one. I volunteered to do one of the Masters devices. They are slightly bigger. I won't be able to do my device until it is registered, which after all the hassles I've had with it, could be a couple of years yet. I hope there are still places left on the banner by then!!