17 March 2006

Sewing and Designing

I did another couple of hours on the sweetbag last night. Added some red, always livens up any design! No pictures yet, maybe on the weekend (not having software at work is really annoying, might have to start taking the laptop in).

Annoying news, I put in an order on the Eterna website yesterday for some more green thread. I ordered other colours but I mainly needed the greens (chucked in the other colours to make the postage worthwhile). So today I got an email saying they were out of stock on all the greens I wanted. Very annoying. So I might see if any of the stuff I got from China a couple of weeks back will work. But I don't think it has the sheen of the Eterna. I have enough to keep me going though.

On a serendipidous note, I got an email on one of my lists about a company that will make iron-on transfers for embroidery. I have been trying to find someone to do this so I can make some of my designs available but I haven't been able to find anyone. So this is very good timing. Only issue is that they only do A4, and I need A3. I wonder what their setup is like? I wonder if they use a standard printer with special ink? Even with A4, there are a few designs I could do and sell.